Giving In Kindness

What Is Giving In Kindness?

Giving In KindnessA nonprofit organization that provides quality useable NEW products to other nonprofit organizations churches; and those who are in need.

How Does Giving In Kindness Work?Giving In Kindness

Your church or organization must contract Giving In Kindness Work, fill out an application for membership, pay a annual $10.00 registration fee, agree to the Giving In Kindness Work terms, conditions and policy.

Organizations/Churches pay a handling fee for products, which are drastically lower than popular discount retail stores. Funds generated by Giving In Kindness Work are used to support the day to day operations of the nonprofit organizations.

Giving In Kindness Work will accepts checks from organizations and churches, money orders, credit cards, and cash. No personal checks are accepted.

Your organization/church will receive an itemized invoice for the purchase of your products and you will receive emails announcing new products and monthly specials.

How Does Your Church/Organization Benefit?

1. By Referring individuals who need assistance.

2. Strengthening your community by helping those who need help.

3. Saving money by getting products from Giving In Kindness Work at a much reduced cost for your organizations’ operation.

Giving In Kindness in Arkansas, is a non-profit collaborative network of people who believe in helping strengthening their community and giving to the individuals who need it most. The program distributes mainly household goods and services to low income families ( the working poor), youth, the ill and elderly. Products are distributed through other 501 (c) 3 organizations or directly to individuals.

Giving in Kindness  helps the needy make ends meet by providing household products so that the money otherwise spent on these items can be diverted to other necessities. People who are on fixed income, such as seniors on social security, face additional problems. The cost of medications and medical bills often require the greatest portion of their income.